Package org.identityconnectors.framework

Connectors framework is designed to be simple, extensible, flexible, and comprehensive.

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Package org.identityconnectors.framework Description

Connectors framework is designed to be simple, extensible, flexible, and comprehensive. The design focuses on separating out only those operations a connector developer should implement. This is an attempt to be as simple as possible.

The Connector developer must implement two classes the first is the Configuration interface. This interface will determine the configuration information necessary to initialize the Connector. The second interface is the Connector interface. This is where all the operations the Connector intends to support are implemented.

Operation interfaces generally only have one method this provides us with some flexibility to add more interfaces without changing the base interface. The Connector developer is responsible for implementing only those operations the resource can support. For instance some resources support creating creating objects but does not support authentication. In that case the developer would implement the interface 'Create' and not 'Authenticate'.

To provide functionality to the Connector additional operational interfaces will need to be implemented by the Connector. For instance if the Connector is to support normal CRUD operations the Connector will need to implement the following operations Create, Update, and Delete.

The design also focuses on working by convention. So for instance in the Configuration object the bean property names are used as keys into a message catalog, for display and help.

Identity Manager expects that Connector developer to do the pure native methods. We attempt to provide the pooling and generic functionality for instance we'll do filtering etc.. The Connector developer is required to implement that operations the Target/Resource.

The 'Builders' are there to help facilitate create the objects the Connector API uses. These 'Builders' provide default implementations that we improve w/o forcing upgrades on the Connectors.

Explain 'Account', etc..

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